Let our award-winning company help you with your interior design and space planning projects. Choose from a selection of consultations and packages. We are also proud to announce that we can now visualise your home using stunning realistic 3D software in many of our packages!

These packages are not just for home owners, but landlords, small boutique hotels, restaurants and offices, whom we also spend a great deal of time working with.

You can hire us for a single service or a combination depending on your requirements. If you'd like some guidance on which package would be best for you please get in contact and we'd be delighted to talk it through.

For clients local to South Oxfordshire, Berkshire and West Buckinghamshire we can do home visits. We can also conduct our consultations online through a conference call for those not in our area or who would prefer not to have a home visit.

Chic Design Consultation - Flippa Interiors

Chic Design Consultation

From £420

3D visuals, layout & interior design

Where do you start the interior design of a room? It can feel overwhelming with endless possibilities and choice - not to mention budget considerations. 

With this basic package you'll be able to help you quickly transform a room in your property. Using 3D design software, Philippa will help you envisage your new space before you’ve even lifted a paint brush! 

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Bijou Design Consultation


Interior design 

Need more general interior design guidance?

We know pulling together a cohesive look can be tricky – finding a colour palette or style, knowing how best to spend your budget, where to prioritise jobs – just to mention a few!

Sometimes you just want to be able to the pick the brains of a professional.

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Bespoke Interior Design

Priced individually

Complete interior design and space planning package

Want us to take over the reins of running your Interior Design project?

We can help with full interior design; space planning, visuals created using 3D software, detailed design concepts, sourcing furniture in your budget, bespoke made furniture, installation and 'hand holding'.

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Space Planning

From £180

2D plans & rooms created in 3D software

Struggling to work out if your furniture will fit in a certain space? Don't know where to install electrical points? Want a new kitchen or bathroom layout?

We can help by creating realistic visuals using 3D software which visually transport you into your home so you can experience your new layout. We will also draw up detailed 2D plans for your builder to work from.

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Kitchen Design

£720 (inc VAT)

Plans, interior design and 3D visuals

Kitchens are the heart of the home and they have become the more comfortable and practical space to spend time in. Most people want an efficient and enjoyable workspace that looks good and is nice to cook in. But where do you start?

Kitchens can be an overwhelming project for clients and we are here to help and guide every step of the way!

We will steer you through the maze of kitchen designs to find a style that fits you and work out a layout that suits the way you cook.

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Bathroom Design

From £420

Plans, design and 3D visuals 

Bathrooms and cloakrooms can often be dismissed when choosing which room to redesign. Whether the issue is budget or simply a ‘headache’ project, bathrooms can be a fun, atheistically pleasing and a wonderful sanctuary. 

Being that we do spend quite a bit of time in these roomsFlippa Interiors can make bathroom redesign exciting and worthwhile.

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