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Natural or artificial, lighting is a key element of interior design. Lighting is essential to see and work and is one of the foundations of interior design.
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Lighting your home

It can tell a story and give an exact feeling or mood to the residents. So, when you are looking to ‘light’ your house it is important to run through a few basic steps before going out and buying fixtures. We at Flippa Interiors have practicality in mind at the heart of our design schemes, and lighting has everything to do with that including the colour the light gives off.

Types of lighting in a home

Television programmes such as ‘Your Home Made Perfect’ (on the BBC now) or Sarah Beeny’s ‘Renovate Don’t Relocate’ are combining the latest virtual room planning tech with home interior design. Now the shows’ participants (and viewers at home) can see a virtual 3D version of a space before a paint brush has even been lifted or a wall knocked down. If you’re a big fan of this trend and wonder if you can get your hands on this kind of software, the answer is a resounding and easy yes!

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Styles of lighting

Main types of lighting to light your home and where you would use them would be downlights or spotlights, chandeliers, pendant lights which are very much on-trend. Floor lights or Led light strip lights help guide the resident also adding style.

There are trends to match all these types of lighting and we will highlight some of the exciting ones here: 

Geometric shapes can be found for both task and general light but when doing so the latest trend is to think big. Sharp edges and metallic cages are right on par for some interesting light fixtures above a coffee table, or dining room as well as over a kitchen island. And this can suit your specific metallic preference because there is a wide range of colours to choose from.

Get creative!

The use of natural and organic materials is on trend and goes hand in hand with the world’s eco-friendly interior design movement. Using bent wood, raffia, rattan, linen lamp shades are very popular with glass or marble/stone lamp bases  and a great way to take on this trend and translate it to accent lighting or general lighting.

Naked Bulb pendants are trending big as it is the epitome of minimalist lighting. These bulbs can be found in a huge variety of sizes, shapes, styles and colours, some look antique, iridescent, mirrored, and it’s not just the bulb, there are unusual, shaped filaments. These are then hung with wonderful cables, again in different thickness, textures, colours, and patterns. Finishing it off with a unique lamp holder and rose which can found be in any colour metal and sometimes even in wood! A light I designed recently had wooden lamp holders, large Edison warm coloured bulbs and five different coloured cables, which we wrapped around an old ladder hanging from the ceiling. We worked with Creative Cables on this project and the outcome was an unique lighting fixture.

Lighting Ideas

It is extremely important to take lighting into consideration as one of the first stages in your newly designed home as lighting IS the ambience. With such a wide range of colours, styles, price, and suppliers to choose from it is crucial to really understand your personal style first and then do your evaluation of the room to get vibe you want to emanate.

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