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Modern Office Space

Like many companies, market research company HRW, based in Wallingford, found the post covid landscape very different. Hybrid working had become the norm, however they wanted to find a way to encourage their employees to return to the office.

They hired us to renovate and re-imagine their office spaces. Our one constraint was the existing carpet - a dark teal. We embraced the warmth of this colour and created a scheme that prevented the large open plan rooms from feeling cold and sterile. Zoned areas for communal dining, informal seating for a variety of meetings and even a games space means their workplace now feels much more inviting.

It has resulted in a big increase in the number of staff working in the office rather than from home. Staff report a renewed sense of company identity and it has kickstarted a vibrant social events calendar as work colleagues have been able to get to know each better due to the new office layout which was designed to promote a sense of inclusiveness and comraderie within the company.