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Attic Bedroom Ideas

Holiday Let, Oxfordshire

This compact open plan apartment in Oxfordshire has been designed to create a feeling of space and light, despite its diminutive size.
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    Oxfordshire, UK
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Working with an interior designer at a very early stage can be so beneficial. Our client was considering how best to use their undeveloped space above their garage when they hired us. We came up with a solution which provided additional living accommodation and also gave them a new income stream.

Bedroom design

Bedroom design

The challenges of working within a small space with eaves were numerous. Throughout we used multi-purpose furniture, so the seat at the end of the bed is also an ottoman with lift up lid and storage. All the bedroom furniture was chosen because their legs give a sense of elegance and space.


We chose a soft palette of pale grey, blue, blush pink and brass for the interior. All walls were painted in 'Putty' by Crown, even the eaves. This makes the space appear larger and ensures future re-decoration is easy. A practical and stylish solution for a space that will have to cope with lots of guests coming and going on a regular basis.

Crown Paint 'Putty'

Open plan living

The open plan living kitchen area presented its own challenges but we designed a kitchen that nestled into the eaves and chose a simple, unfussy white unit to blend with the rest of the living room. The brass handles give a sophisticated and contemporary tone.

Open plan kitchen living area
Space saving furniture clever design

Clever features

Brilliant design features work hard in this apartment: wardrobes built into eaves, a lift up coffee table that doubles as a dining area whilst providing hidden storage, an open shelved dressing table. Other discreet design elements have been incorporated to give the bijou sized apartment character without over powering, for example the pink grout and copper details in the shower room.