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Styling for the home

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Wanting to inject a bit of interior designer know-how and style into your home? Then this blog full of styling tips from interior designer, Philippa Sale, has got some great ideas for you to try yourself.

Attic Bedroom Makeover

Try a limited color palette

Keeping to a limited neutral colour palette is a good trick for creating a space that feels both relaxed and uncluttered. Here we've used just two main colours - warm stone and muted blush but within this palette we've introduced other colours that are tonally similar so the look is interesting but not busy. A colour scheme like this works particularly well in smaller rooms as the eye isn't distracted by too many colours so perceives a larger space. The warm stone and muted blush were used throughout this apartment and result is a restful, calm space throughout.

Layer Up!

Just because you are keeping to a narrow colour palette doesn't mean your interiors will look boring! Far from it. We make sure we always introduce lots of different fabrics and textures in the same tones. This naturally lets a scheme come to life and creates interest but without letting the space feel too busy or cluttered. Here the muted blush is in the velvet curtains and some of the cushions on the sofa. It's also picked up in the painting and again in the subtly patterned rug on the floor. Using layers like this pulls a look together and stops it feeling bland.

Farrow & Ball Paint

Accessories and flowers

Faux flowers look great all year round and will brighten any spot. We've created a vignette here by adding some neutral cream/stone coloured decorative accessories that echo the organic pattern in the wallpaper. 

Built In Shelving
Built In Deskspace

Introduce subtle pattern

Don't be scared of using pattern. We've used two different patterns in varying sizes in this lovely master bedroom. By keeping to an organic flower shape in both we've created a look that is complimentary and elegant. The commisioned bespoke headboard and bedframe adds a really unique look to this room.

Love that hotel look?

Don't we all just love that hotel look - a sumptuous bed with gorgeous pillows and cushions? Copy it at home -  buy extra wide pillows to make a statment and then stand them up, rather than laying them flat, to get that stylish, hotel feel. We also sourced white bed linen with a blush edging. Paying attention to small details can really make a scheme feel finished and considered and is well worth the extra little bit of time. 

Built In Deskspace
Built In Deskspace

Light up your world.

Choose a statement lamp base or shade to add some wow factor into the home. Here gorgeous bedside lamps were picked to work with the colour scheme but add a little something extra to the bedroom. If you prefer you can choose a statement lampshade. These days there are some really excellent suppliers to chose from.