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An example of a Mood Board from Flippa Interiors
Transforming your home


You’ve just bought a new place, or perhaps you’re fed up and frustrated with your existing home, or like our recent clients you’re buying a new build off plan. Find out why hiring an interior designer could be the best decision you ever made.
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A good interior designer can help you to take baby steps (or even big leaps) outside of your comfort zone, but good design and planning right from the start can save considerable sums of money on the way and ensure you end up with a home you really love. As Charles Eames said ‘The role of the designer is that of good, thoughtful host anticipating the needs of his guests’.

We recently finished a Bespoke Consultation project with a couple who’d bought a new build off plan. They hired us to work on their whole house. Trying to turn interior design dreams into reality can be a daunting prospect and a blank new build canvas especially so. Clients frequently say they didn’t know where to start or they felt overwhelmed by their project. But when Flippa Interiors is hired for a Bespoke Design Package we’ll help with every aspect of a project: from initial discussions to and site surveys to 2D and 3D room plans and layouts, 360 visuals, concept boards and mood boards right through to sourcing all items and if required procuring and installing all items.

Mood Board

But what does that actually mean? We begin all our projects by discovering our client’s style because we believe in helping our clients to realise their vision and find their look, not have one imposed on them. For us this is the starting point for creating good design.

Working closely and collaboratively with our Clients, through initial discussions and deep dives into style preferences and lifestyle, we got a proper understanding of their lifestyle. At this stage we use Concept Boards, this is an inspiration page showing textures, colours, and images to give a feel for how a room will look. This process helps us to tweak design ideas and discuss concepts with clients before we start working on Mood Boards. So, for example with this Client we altered the bedroom colour – a concept board allows clients to grasp the concept of their design before specifics have been set in place. It’s at this point, as a designer will start thinking outside the box to bring clients ideas and concepts they may have never considered. We can challenge any fixed thinking (gently) to get clients to look at different design ideas. This is often when the design process becomes very exciting for the Client as new ideas open up that they’d never considered before – frequently we have clients who feel nervous about introducing colour into their home deciding that they actually want to inject colour once we’ve explored the ideas with them on their concept boards. Our couple were used to white walls but wanted us to help them ease into colour.

Attic Bedroom Makeover

Throughout the process we help our clients to visualise their new space and can use our software to create realistic 3D rooms for them to see just how the space will look, before a paintbrush has even been lifted. This process really helps clients to interpret and visualise their Mood Board as a real space and we can save time, money and stress, if tweaks are made to schemes at this stage rather than later on.

Once our clients have signed off on their Mood Board we start to populate our recommendations from on our consultation into our online shopping platform. Here the client can see each individual Mood Board with its own individual shopping list. This interactive platform comes with a personal shopper that can arrange deliveries etc so that our client is able to buy all the items for their interior design scheme in just one place, rather than having to go to each individual retailer’s website. It also allows us to share our trade accounts and discounts with our clients should they have chosen items from them which are not available on the high street. This ‘one stop shop’ is a real time saver and makes the process of ordering items simple and straight forward. If a client prefers though we are able to take on all procuring and installing of items.