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colour of the year 2021 Dulux Brave Ground paint - Flippa Interiors
Get your paint brush out!


Each year the big names in the interiors world release their new best thing ....for Dulux this means their paint colour of the year. And this year the colour for 2021 is 'Brave Ground' a warm, natural neutral (and just a touch controversial: it is after all a brown).
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What's in a colour?

The colour they've chosen is undoubtedly a reaction to the stresses of the pandemic and is selected by a board of forecasters, designer specialists and editors from around the world. And that's why it's not an uplifting colour but a grounding neutral that's calming and stabilising. With a nurturing earthy hue it's a soft brown beige that will create a warm back drop to our homes and could be ideal if you were looking to gently wean yourself off grey (the go to neutral of the last few years).

Colours come and go in and out of fashion, but what's important about them is the feelings that they promote within us. Today most of us are familiar with the concept of colour psychology, so we understand the importance of choosing the right paint colour for our homes. This year the notion that home is a sanctuary has never been truer.

Attic Bedroom Makeover

How to use it

There are as always 4 palettes, each consisting of 10 complementary colours, so the range of choice and possibility for using the colour is extensive. This year particularly so, as the warm neutral works well with so many other colours, making it easy to introduce into the home. Their complementary palettes - Expressive, Trust, Timeless and Earth - work with a spectrum of colours from yellow and green to pink and blue as well as a wide range of neutrals. 

If you like the idea of dipping your toe into new waters but have a home where greys and off whites reign, 'Brave Ground' will introduce an earthy grounded shade and is easily paired up with other neutrals.

Create your perfect home office

We decided to take this approach to using 'Brave Ground' and designed a home office scheme to show how you could create a space that is a firm foundation for change and creativity in your home. 

With 'Brave Ground' paint on the walls we added on trend furniture and accessories to appeal to a young professional - rattan furniture, macrame wall hangings and a neutral rug for texture. All of which could be easily achieved as a weekend project. This colour works also well for anyone who loves bringing the outside in, as its earthy hues suit house plants.  This room was designed using our 3D realistic software where we can design and create rooms for our client to walk through virtually, allowing you to see a space, before you've even hired a contractor. Read our blog

Be brave!

If you want to add more drama why not take a leaf out of Dulux's book. Here they've used a dark blue in a dining area and the 'Brave Ground' in the hallway. The contrast between the two colours works, bringing the best out in both colours and it looks modern and warm. 

If you'd like more ideas of how to use this year's colour go to our Pinterest Boards for further palette suggestions and if you'd like to get in touch we'd love to hear from you.