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Attic Bedroom Ideas
'how to' article

5 clever ways to use paint in your home.

Attic Bedroom Makeover

Go for it!

Paint is quick and easy to use. There's a rainbow of colours to choose from, but it's not just about bringing colour to your space! Check out some of our recent projects where we've used paint to create an effect, divide areas or overcome challenging spaces.

One way to be creative with your interior paint is to cover ALL the surfaces in the same colour. Farrow & Ball's 'Stiffkey' looks amazing in this living room and was used on the walls, joinery and mantle piece. It creates a calm, warm, considered look that is both grown up and welcoming.

Attic Bedroom Makeover

Fix tricky spaces

To ensure this space looked as spacious as possible we had the walls and the ceiling painted in just one colour. It overcomes the problems of a low ceiling and makes the room look airy and bright.

Zone an open plan room

We all love open plans rooms these days, however they can look bland and just 'too' open plan if not properly thought out. Use colour to zone the room and the different activities. Here, we used Farrow & Ball's 'Charlotte's Lock' in the kitchen area to ensure it feels separate from the living and dining space.

Farrow & Ball Paint

The line of beauty

Replicate lines found elsewhere in your interior. The red headboard is real statement feature in this room. We echoed its lines in the red windowsill and these two elements bring a modern, cohesive look to the whole space.

Built In Shelving
Built In Deskspace

Turn on the sunshine

Rooms that don't get a lot of natural light can still look as though the sun is shining. This feature ceiling creates a bright, sunny feel in this airbnb let all year round.