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Virtual 3D

3D room software shaping how we design our homes

3D Rendered Interior Design - Flippa Interiors, using HomeByMe virtual 3D room software, brings room designs to life.
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Design Your Home

With many of us having much more time at home than ever before, the old adage ‘a man’s home is his castle’ has never been truer. Even those that are still going out to work during the pandemic, are looking at the four walls of their home in a way they rarely did before. It’s no surprise then that interior design and home DIY have currently become a bit of a national obsession. A comfortable home that reflects the personality of its inhabitants, whether owned or rented, is central to our sense of happiness and contentment.

Home By Me Virtual Design

Television programmes such as ‘Your Home Made Perfect’ (on the BBC now) or Sarah Beeny’s ‘Renovate Don’t Relocate’ are combining the latest virtual room planning tech with home interior design. Now the shows’ participants (and viewers at home) can see a virtual 3D version of a space before a paintbrush has even been lifted or a wall knocked down. If you’re a big fan of this trend and wonder if you can get your hands on this kind of software, the answer is a resounding and easy yes!

Attic Bedroom Makeover

Create your floor plan in 2D

At Flippa Interiors we’ve been working with our clients using virtual 3D room software to bring room designs to life. We’re big fans - with this technology we can create photographic quality images and virtually walk our clients around the space we’ve designed for them allowing them to really imagine themselves in the room. In fact, it’s never been easier for us to show our clients just what their new design or home will look like. Clients report it’s really helped them to imagine how a project will look before any work’s started or any purchases have been made;

“We now have a wonderful visual representation of how our home could look."

Mr N. Lale

Furnish your home in 3D

There is a variety of software's out there, but we use the HomeByMe to work with our clients. Produced by a French company Dassault Systems who also created the amazing CAD software Solidworks, their software is revolutionising the way interior designers convey projects and designs to their clients.

With architectural floor plans, we are able to produce 2D floor plans drawn to scale and exciting 3D room visuals. We present these plans in our client meeting and any changes or amends can be made really easily.

For example, doors can be moved, window styles changed, room wall colours altered and furniture re-sized or moved around a room within the programme – just to name a few

Exciting 3D Room Visuals

This service is perfect for clients who are struggling to work out what they want and how space will eventually look, as this can be hard to visualise. Whether a client is remodelling their existing home, considering an extension or moving house, we can create life-like 3D room visuals for any room. For us, it’s become an indispensable tool and working wonders for our business.

What our clients particularly love about the HomeByMe software are the high-quality room renders and the fact that we can easily drop a wide range of furniture into a design, often very similar to the look and feel of what they want.   With today’s ‘new normal’, the online software also enables us to work with client’s we can’t necessarily meet face to face.

We were delighted when HomeByMe approached us to be an Ambassador for them in the UK. As only one of two ambassadors in the UK, it gives Flippa Interiors an opportunity to advise on National up and coming trends, what furniture ranges are currently in (so they can be included in stock images by HomeByMe) as well as stay at the abreast of leading-edge interior design software and technology. To get inspiration as to what’s possible check out our page on Instagram, @homebyme Instagram page or their Facebook page HomeByMe International Community.